Genealogical Sources Available Online for County Tipperary (North)

The List below illustrates the commencement and end dates of all the Roman Catholic Parish Registers for North Tipperary
* Denotes parishes in Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly. Others in Diocese of Killaloe.

The following parish in Cashel and Emly is not searchable On-line yet:

Roman Catholic
Parish Baptisms      Marriages     
Ballina/Boher 1832-1903 1832-1903
Ballinahinch/Killoscully 1839-1899 1853-1899
Ballingarry (part of Shinrone) 1842-1911 1821-1911
Birr-Carrig 1838-1911 1838-1911
Borrisokane-Aglish 1821-1911 1821-1911
Borrisoleigh-Ileigh * 1814-1900 1814-1890
Cloughjordan-Ardcroney 1833-1911 1833-1911
Courngareen (Bourney)
(1873 Missing)
1836-1880 1836-1880
Drom-Inch 1809-1900 1807-1880
Dunkerrin-Barna 1820-1911 1820-1911
Holycross-Ballycahill 1835-1900 1835-1900
Kilbarron-Terryglass 1827-1911 1827-1911
Kilcommon-Hollyford 1813-1900 1813-1900
(Kyle was part of Roscrea until 1846)
1845-1911 1846-1911
Lorrha/Dorrha 1839-1911 1829-1903
Loughmore-Castleiney * 1798-1899
no gaps
no gaps
Monsea-Killodiernan 1834-1911 1834-1911
(Baptisms Start Oct. 1793, gap 1797-1799, 1811-16 and 1819-29, continuous from 1830. Marriages start Oct. 1793, gap 1797-1809, 1818-30, continuous from 1831)
1793-1900 1793-1899
Moyne-Templetuohy 1809-1899 1804-1897
(Baptisms Start Jan. 1792, gap 1810-30, 1843-44, continuous from 1845. Marriages start Jan. 1792, gap mid 1797-1818, continuous from 1819)
1792-1911 1792-1911
Newport-Birdhill *
( Baptisms Start Oct. 1795, gap 1810-11, continuous from 1812. Marriages start April 1795, gap 1810-1811, continuous from 1812)
1795-1911 1795-1911
Portroe 1849-1911 1849-1911
Roscrea (incl. Kyle to 1846) 1810-1880 1810-1880
Shrinrone-Ballingarry 1842-1911 1842-1911
Silvermines/Ballinaclogh 1840-1911 1841-1911
Templederry/Kilnaneave 1840-1911 1839-1911
(Marriages start Nov. 1807, gap 1826-1833, continuous from 1834)
1807-1900 1807-1900
Thurles 1795-1900 1795-1900
(Baptisms Start March 1831-June 1856, gap 1856-61, continuous from mid 1861. Marriages start Aug. 1830, gap 1837-1860, continuous from 1861)
1831-1911 1830-1911
Upperchurch-Drombane 1829-1900 1829-1900
Youghalarra-Burgess 1828-1911 1828-1911


Church of Ireland
Parish Baptisms Marriages Deaths
Abington & Tuogh 1811-1911 1813-1911 1810-1984
Aglishcloghane 1828-1911 1845-1911 1825-1985
Aghnameadle 1834-1911 1834-1911 1828-1984
Ardcroney 1845-1911
Ballinaclough 1877-1911 1845-1911 1877-1911
Ballingarry & Uskeane 1877-1911 1845-1911 1877-1911
Ballymackey 1877-1911 1845-1911 1878-1911
Borrisnafarney 1827-1911 1827-1911
Borrisokane 1877-1911 1845-1911 1877-1985
Bourney 1845-1911
Castletownarra (incl. Youghalarra)/ Corbally 1802-1911 1845-1911 1850-1973
Dorrha 1880-1911 1845-1911 1884-1982
Finnoe 1886-1911 1846-1911 1886-1981
Glenkeen 1848-1862
Holycross 1802-1911 1845-1911
Kilfithmone 1892-1911 1846-1911
Kilmastulla & Templeachally 1755-1911 1845-1911 1879-1969
Killodiernan 1880-1911 1847-1911 1880-1911
Killbarron 1878-1911 1845-1911
Killoscully 1884-1911 1847-1911 1886-1911
Kilmore 1866-1911 1847-1911 1886-1911
Kilruane 1880-1911 1845-1911 1877-1911
Lorrha 1877-1911 1846-1911 1880-1985
Loughkeen 1879-1911 1848-1911 1880-1985
Loughmore East 1863-1911
Loughmore West (some Thurles) 1845-1911 1845-1911
Mealiffe 1846-1884
Monsea/Dromineer/Knogh/ Cloghprior 1886-1911 1845-1911 1880-1911
Modreeney (Cloghjordan) 1846-1911 1845-1911 1827-1911
Seirkieran 1827-1911 1827-1911 1827-1911
Nenagh 1877-1911 1845-1911 1877-1911
Newport Union of KilcomentyKilnarath, Kilvellane 1755-1911 1755-1911 1756-1983
Roscrea 1792-1911 1792-1911
Templederry 1874-1911 1845-1911 1785-1911
Templemore 1815-1877 1827-1894
Templetuohy 1878-1904 1848-1892
Terryglass 1809-1911 1809-1911 1809-1982


Borrisokane 1870-1911
Cloughjordan 1834-1911 1877-1911
Nenagh 3 entries for 1873 & 1874


Civil Registration in Dispensary Districts
District Births / Marriages / Deaths
Bourney 1864-1911
Borrisokane 1864-1911
Borrisoleigh 1864-1911
Cloughjordan 1864-1911
Holycross 1864-1911
Littleton 1864-1911
Moyne 1864-1911
Nenagh No.1 1864-1911
Nenagh No.2 1864-1911
Newport 1864-1911
Portroe 1864-1911
Riverstown 1864-1911
Roscrea 1864-1911
Silvermines 1864-1911
Templemore 1864-1911
Thurles 1864-1911
Toomevara 1864-1911
Civil registration commenced in 1864 and our records stop in 1911.

Census Substitutes
Year Source Number Coverage
1660 Hearth Money Roll 7,454 North Tipperary
1820's - 1830's Tithe 19,410 North Tipperary
1846 - 1919 Street Directories 12,897 All Street Directories for North Tipperary
1840 - 1849 The Poor Law Rate Books 76,942 The Poor Law Rate Books for Nenagh and Thurles


Census Records

Year Description
1901 Census of Ireland


Gravestone Inscriptions

Parish Graveyeard
ABINGTON Abington (Co. Limerick)
Kilcommon by RC church
by C of I church in Toomevara village
By RC church & Augustinian ruin in village
Gurtagarry by RC church
ARDCRONEY by RC church
by C of I church grounds, Congar
ATHNID not transcribed ? a graveyard there
BALLINACLOUGH by C of I church
BALLINGARRY by C of I church
by R C church in the Pike
BALLYCAHILL by pre-Reformation church ruin
BALLYGIBBON by pre-Reformation church ruin
BALLYMACKEY by C of I church
BALLYMUREEN by pre-Reformation church ruin
BARNANE by pre-Reformation church ruin
old one known as the church of the 7 Johns / the ? the site of the pre-Reformation church
BORRISOKANE by C of I church
Priests' graveyard near new RC church
graveyard on Nenagh road
BOURNEY by C of I church
by RC church in Clonakenny
by Cournaganeen old and new RC churches
Quaker graveyard in Ballykelly townland
LLoyds private graveyard
Bawndrum burial place
BURGESSBEG by pre-Reformation church ruin
CASTLETOWNARRA by pre-Reformation church ruin near
amenity area
by C of I church
by Portroe RC church
CASTLETOWNELY (in Co Offaly near Dunkerrin) by pre-Reformation church ruin
CLOGHPRIOR by pre-Reformation church ruin
see under Kilclonagh
CORBALLY (near Roscrea) by C of I church
by pre-Reformation church ruin
Hutchinson private graveyard
Mona Incha
Sean Ross Abbey
mount St Joseph graveyards
Camblin RC church
adjacent to Knock church in Rockforest
CULLENWAINE by pre-Reformation church ruin
DOLLA by pre-Reformation church ruin
DORRHA by probable pre-Reformation church ruin & C of I C of I church in Graigue townland
Bunahum in Derry townland
DROM by pre-Reformation church ruin
private walled-off burial area within that
? by RC church
DROMINEER by pre-Reformation church ruin
DUNKERRIN (in Co. Offaly) by C of I church
FINGLAS (in Co. Offaly near Dunkerrin by pre-Reformation church ruin)
FINNOE by pre-Reformation church ruin and the later C of I
church ruin
GALBOOLA (off Thurles-Two-Mile-Borris road by pre-Reformation church ruin
GLENKEEN by pre-Reformation church ruin
in Borrisoleigh village
by Ileigh RC church
HOLYCROSS by restored Abbey church
by C of I church
INCH by pre-Reformation church ruin
Bouladuff new graveyard
KILBARRON by pre-Reformation church ruin
by C of I church
Kilbarron RC church memorials
KILCOMENTY by pre-Reformation church ruin in Ballyard townland but best known as Cragg graveyard
Kyle near Birdhill
RC Church of our Lady of the Wayside
Twiss private burial place (not transcribed)
KILCOMMON (Co. Offaly) by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILCLONAGH near Moyne not transcribed
KILCOOLY by C of I church
across avenue from C of I church probably the site of the pre Reformation parish church
Kilcooley Cistercian Abbey ruin (not transcribed)
KILKEARY by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILLAVINOGE by pre-Reformation church ruin
Clonmore RC church
KILLEA by pre-Reformation church ruin
RC church
KILLODIERNAN by pre-Reformation church ruin
by C of I church
Puckane RC church
KILFITHMONE by C of I church
KILMASTULLA by pre-Reformation church and C of I church
KILMORE by pre-Reformation church ruin
grounds of demolished Rc church in village
KILMURRAY ELY (Co Offaly) by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILNANEAVE by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILNARATH by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILRUANE by pre-Reformation church ruin
KILVELLANE by pre-Reformation church ruin in Ballymackeogh townland
in grounds of now demolished C of I church in
KNIGH by pre-Reformation church ruin
LATTERAGH by pre-Reformation church ruin
LISBONEY by pre-Reformation church ruin
LORRHA within and around Dominican Priory ruin and RC church grounds
by C of I church
within C of I church
LOUGHKEEN by pre-Reformation church ruin
LOUGHMORE EAST no graveyard
LOUGHMORE WEST by pre-Reformation church ruin
by RC church
by C of I church in Killahara/Dovea village
MODREENY by pre-Reformation church ruin and later C of I
church now also a ruin
by Grawn RC church also a ruin
MONSEA by pre-Reformation church ruin
MOYALIFFE by pre-Reformation church ruin
by Drombane RC church
MOYCARKEY by pre-Reformation church ruin
MOYNE by pre-Reformation church ruin
new graveyard in village
within and around Franciscan Friary church
within Rc church and in the grounds
Convent of Mercy graveyard
Kenyon Street
within St Mary's C of I church
RATHEALTY not transcribed
RATHNAVEOGE by pre-Reformation church ruin
ROSCREA within the RC church
close to the RC church
graveyard (big) in vicinity of Franciscan Friary and RC church
Dungar in Co. Offaly but in Roscrea RC parish
Grounds of C of I church and within that church
SIERKIERAN (Co. Offaly) Fancroft
SHINRONE by C of I church
within same church
within and in the grounds of the RC church
SHYANE ? by pre-Reformation church ruin
TEMPLEACHALLY by pre-Reformation church ruin
by Ballina RC church pre-1900
TEMPLEBEG by pre-Reformation church ruin
TEMPLEDERRY by pre-Reformation church ruin and later C f I church
within C of I church
TEMPLEDOWNEY no graveyard
TEMPLEHARRY (in Co. Offaly) by C of I church
in Ballintemple
TEMPLEMORE graveyard in Town Park transcribed by W. J. Hayes
C of I church grounds (index of names & dates of death only
within RC church
RC church grounds
new graveyard of the 1890s
TEMPLEREE by pre-Reformation church ruin
TEMPLETUOHY by pre-Reformation church ruin
by RC church
within RC church
TERRYGLASS by pre-Reformation church ruin and later C of I
THURLES Relig Breda
C of I church grounds probable site of
pre-Reformation church
St Patrick's new
Ursuline Convent
Presentation Convent
christian Brothers
St Patrick's College
TOEM Hollyford only
TWO-MILE-BORRIS by pre-Reformation church ruin
by Littleton C of I church
UPPERCHURCH graveyard in village
USKANE by pre-Reformation church ruin
YOUGHALARRA by pre-Reformation church ruin

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